#DopeQuotes | Robin Williams Edition




“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

I, like most people, loved Robin Williams. And there are certain movies and moments which will endure within many of us now that he is gone. My personals favourites, for those who care, and in no particular order, are: Bicentennial Man, Jack, Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, One Hour Photo and Good Will Hunting.

Which is you favourite Robin Williams movie or quote? Leave yours in the comments below, and enjoy the trip down.



#DopeQuotes-Good-Will Hunting-Quote-Weird-Little-Worlds


#DopeQuotes-Good-Will Hunting-Quote-Real-Loss







#DopeQuotes-Good-Will Hunting-Quote-Bad-Times







My absolute favourite thing about quotes is when they finally make sense.

Growing up I inundated myself with beautiful words and interesting thoughts, but some things, especially matters of the heart, were to an immature mind comprehended yet not truly understood. Quotes say so succinctly what we as human beings go through. They are soundbites which encapsulate the vast and complicated human existence that is our lives.

And when we read one that truly resonates with our soul – that heartache, that joy, to feel truly loved and completely vulnerable, to remember that friend or soul mate who never came back – you realise that you, dear Human, are not alone. #dopequotes

That Smile - Tyler Knott Gregson

A Sad Farewell

Would You Stay - Tyler Knott Gregson

A Love More Than Love - Edgar Allan Poe