Did you catch that tipo? Because your client did.

It happens so quickly. And right now, spreading through their subconscious is the niggling presumption that maybe your business is just not as upright as it claims to be. I know, it’s only a spelling/grammar/contact detail/technical/legal gremlin – oh so silly –, but these things matter. It shows you care about your communication with the clients you so passionately and thoroughly serve. Take it away and they are left dialling the number of a Chinese take-away that sadly isn’t yours, wondering why the hell they bothered to respond to your ad in the first place.

Food for thought.

writing typo
You go, bro?

2 thoughts on “Copyrighting?

  1. This is something that I always pick up quickly, I don’t look for them but typos just happen to catch my attension <– such things. 3 years ago I did the same thing, designed a logo and used it for months before picking up the stupid typo. The way I pulled it off and replaced it in a flash, I wondered if my clients noticed and ignored it or if by some miracle they performed magical selective reading. I should send you that logo, it still haunts me. Lol. But you're right, these small things do count.

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    1. This is our curse, Joel 🙂 One of my greatest frustrations is how clients can so easily overlook the value of what we do… until an incorrect number finds its way into their newspaper print. Some people, like yourself, just have a gift for it – a gift sorely under-appreciated. Even still, I encourage you to use your powers for the greater good and leave this world a more correct place.

      Are you also a copywriter?

      Thanks for the comment!


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